Wasabi Ventures Partners allows you to invest alongside Wasabi Ventures

Become a Partner

How it

Wasabi Ventures makes an investment in a startup
Accredited investors gain access to the WVP platform and become partners
Partners gain full access to all due diligence and select the investments they want for their portfolios
Partners use the WVP platform to monitor and manage their personal portfolios
Strong Lead Wasabi Ventures will only offer WVP investments where there are strong lead investors
Due Diligence Because Wasabi Ventures is investing in every investment offered to partners, the entire due diligence package is available to Partners before they invest
Partners Decide All WVP Accredited Partners only select the investments that are best for their portfolios

Vetting Process

Risk mitigation and adverse security selection are two of the most important factors when investing in venture capital. Every deal at WVP is triple vetted
before you invest.

Become a Partner

Sample Wasabi Ventures Investments

UStream Access to the seed round investment because of relationship with founders. Acquired by IBM for $130MM in Jan 2016.
RightNow Technologies Access to the opportunity when it was at the founder stage. Acquired by Oracle for $1.4B in October 2011.
EtherPad Invested in the pre-seed round when it was just the founding team. Acquired in November 2009 by Google with 9 months of investment yielding 3X return.
UserTesting Invested in this great growth startup when it was just 2 founders. Highly profitable, growth unicorn.